Why use us

• High transportation promptness – five days transit time for imports from depot Dachau – Germany to Cyprus

• Lower transportation costs than airfreight

• Wide geographical to all European cities including Eastern Europe and regions outside Europe.

• Safe transportation in specially designed and equipped trailers, supervised by specialized personnel on collection and delivery throughout any route.

• High efficiency “door to door” service from any European City mostly from Germany and Greece.

• Scheduled weekly departures and arrivals

• Complete package of services, including inland transportation customs clearance and direct delivery to the clients’ warehouses.

• Cooperation with the highest standards of professionalism with all relevant authorities ensuring quick and reliable services.

Our Services

What We Offer For You



IMPORTS Prompt, safe and efficient transportation of imported goods from all over Europe mainly Germany and Greece



DOOR TO DOOR TRANSPORTATION High efficiency “door to door” service from any European City to final destination